Brushy FAQ



When will the prison be open for tours?

The museum and prison will open for tours on August 4, 2018.

Are you currently hiring?

We are not hiring at this time.

How can I schedule a paranormal investigation?

You may schedule a paranormal investigation through this site

Will you have a cafeteria? Will there be an online menu?

The The Warden's Table Restaurant is open for business serving tasty Southern cooking and a variety of refreshments. The Warden's Table Hours are M-F 11a-8p, Saturday 11a - 9p, and Sunday 11a - 230p 

Where can I purchase Brushy Mountain souvenirs?

You can purchase Brushy Mountain souvenirs right now from There is a gift shop at the prison as well. It's hours are M-F 11a-8p, Saturday 11a-9P, and Sunday 11a-5p.

Is Brushy really haunted?

Brushy was open for a long time, and despite not carrying out any executions, more than a few people met an untimely end here. Lots of activity has been witnessed on the grounds and in the corridors of Brushy. Ultimately, that's for you to decide, so why not schedule your investigation today!


Can I take a private tour now?

The prison will be open for tours starting August 4th at 11am. Tours will be offered daily from 11am-5pm. Keep up with our progress on the Brushy Facebook

How can I take a paranormal investigation tour?

You may schedule a paranormal investigation tour here

Why can I take a paranormal investigation now but not a prison tour?

The prison is currently undergoing final repairs installations for the tours.

Will there be headsets available

There won't be headsets available at this time. However, they will become available in the near future, and we will announce that on the site and our Facebook page.

What can I expect on the tour?

The tour will be self-guided, and former prison guards will answer any questions. There will be 14 individual stations containing the story of what happened there. 

How long will the tour take?

Tour times will vary. Tours are self-guided. Generally, tours run about an hour to an hour-and-a half.

Will there be anyone there to answer questions?

Yes. Former prison guards will be nearby to answer any questions or share a brief story.

Do you offer group rates or senior discounts?

We do offer group rates for parties of 12 to 24 people, as well as senior discounts for those 65 and over.