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Tour Brushy

The stories that live on at Brushy. The voices that echo down “3 Walk.” They will all be yours to witness when Brushy opens for prison tours on April 1st. This will be an experience like no other. It will surprise you. Terrify you. Make you wonder what it would’ve been like to be locked up in here for the rest of your God-given life.


Tours will be self-guided and former prison guards will be nearby to answer any questions or share a brief story. There are 14 stations in all, each containing the story of what happened in that particular spot. Some will talk of violent acts, killings. Others about the moments family members came to visit. And still others will give you a glimpse inside the troubled minds of the hardened criminals that served time at Brushy. 

As you move from one station to another, you'll be able to imagine what life would have been like behind these walls. These men had committed unforgivable crimes, but they still had souls. But somewhere, somehow, their lives took a wrong turn.

We look forward to opening soon and seeing you when you come to visit us at Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary. It will be an experience you carry with you for the rest of your life.


Starting December 31st, we'll be closed for the season. We'll reopen April 1, 2019.

Tour Pricing and Information

General Admission: $12/person

This tour is self-guided, and there will be former prison guards around to answer questions. Following the tour arrows (on the floor) you will be able to see all significant components of the prison from the cell block to the cafeteria and other buildings like the laundry room, gymnasium, museum, movie theatre (18 min. documentary plays every half hour), exercise yard, and the all-important "HOLE." You're welcome to take your time and walk as much or as little of the prison grounds as you want. Just remember if you linger too long you might be locked in for the night.

Child Tour Ticket: $7/child

(Must be 10 years of age or younger.)

Guided Group Tours: $20/person

For groups of 15 or more, we offer guided tours where your group will be accompanied by a former prison guard. If you do not have 15 people in your group, you will be joined by others wishing to tour with an old Brushy prison guard. Guided tours last roughly 60 minutes, but you are welcome to spend as much time behind the wall as you like once your guided tour is complete.

PLEASE NOTE: Guided tours are not recommended for children as the stories told by the guards will be graphic in nature and not suitable for younger ears.

Military Discount: 10% off cost of admission

Senior Discount: 10% off cost of admission