We don’t think you’ll find any Moonshine out there that’s as downright enjoyable as "End Of The Line." None have the rather dark and colorful history associated with their name. And not a one of ‘em is distilled and bottled on the grounds of a former maximum-security prison. Not to mention the foreboding and hair-raising tales that haunt those stone-cold prison walls.

From farm to still, we use local grains, local water from the mountains’ natural springs, and local people as our distillers. This is true Tennessee Moonshine. We offer this one-of-a-kind Moonshine in 10 unique flavors including, Apple Pie, Blackberry, Butterscotch, Cinnarum, Frosted Orange, Fruit Punch, Honey, Lemon, Peach Cobbler, and Scared Straight.

Now who could resist a list of flavors like that?